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IMNU lecture series – Lecture by Prof. Dineshbhai Patel

2nd  March, 2012 – It was a memorable day for Institute of Management, Nirma University when Prof. Dineshbhai Patel from Germany taught the budding managers lessons of leadership in the ongoing IMNU lecture series.

Prof Patel started his lecture with a quote by Stephen Hawking: “21st century is a century of complexity.”

And that is the reason, he told, “Why this world needs leaders”! Also, he quoted the famous management guru Peter Drucker – “Leadership is not to get people to do things that they do not want, but to enable people to do things that they never thought of achieving”.

While describing the difference between managers and leaders he made the students understand the reasons for having leadership and management in a perfect blend. Further, he elaborated the concept through a crystal clear description of six managerial and leadership styles. As a concluding remark to this discussion he said, “Leaders work with people and feelings, and managers work with things and numbers.”

The most important feature of his lecture was, he combined these theoretical aspects with his actual professional life experience of 20-25 years in leadership. This made understanding of students more clear.

In the end, he described the importance of emotional intelligence and organizational climate.

This enriched and interactive session surely has made a lifetime impact on the minds of students.

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