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Guest Lecture by Mr. Rajiv Bhatt

On 1st March, Mr. Rajiv Bhatt, who is currently the Head of the HR Department in Deloitte visited the campus to take part in IMNU lecture series. Using his years of experience as a Corporate Finance Advisor in Deloitte and his passion for music, Mr. Bhatt brilliantly blended them into explaining his topic “Music and Management”. He explained the major underlying themes connecting Music and Management by taking three forms of music namely: Western Classical, Jazz and Indian Classical.
Speaking on Western Classical he showed the picture of an orchestra and linked it classically to an organization. He explained that the CEO was the conductor; individual instruments had subgroups and were akin to the various functions that exist in the organization. The CEO has a vision an…d translates it into a reality by making everyone gel together to create good music. Everyone has a written plan and they stick to it which enables them in creating music which is very similar to a highly structured organization where everyone understands their roles, responsibilities and stick to it for the betterment of the organization.
While speaking on Jazz he said that in Jazz there were no set rules or standards; there were 4 to 5 members who played different instruments like violin, trumpet, saxophone etc and within a given tempo one has to improvise within limited constraints. He linked this to managing diversity in organizations; spontaneity, vitality and improvisation needed as managers.
In the final example of Indian Classical said that it was more like a blend of Western Classical and Jazz. The tradition of Indian classical goes back a 5000 years where a guru-shishya relationship was upheld. At those times one needed to have good listening skills, had to be a team player and needed to have excellent execution skills. This stands very true even today.
On a final note, Mr. Bhatt, spoke on a variety of management themes including the necessity of having role models, bringing passion and creativity into as managers, benefits of music especially for children, improvising within constraints, cohesion, synergy and much more. It was a great eye opener for students as it provided a perspective as of how management theories could be linked to music and life.

(Content courtesy: Raj Thilak)

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