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RHTYM- Tune it to the Dance & Music event at IMNU

Last week,  IMNU saw the advent of an event which served as a platform for the dancers and singers (Oh! Not bathroom singers!). It was an inter-class event at the college premises (auditorium).

The auditorium was boiling with a huge crowd looking in anticipation of the performances by their fellow classmates. The maxim “The World is a Stage and We all the Players” took a reverse gear with it turning into “The Stage is our World!” – As put by the performers. “Twanu Maaza Aariya Hain” (Punjabi) – asked the anchors after some spasmodic intervals to keep the RHTYM in cadence with the audience. The temperament of the whole event was maintained on a High with some silent m…oments where the buoyancy of the audience kept at a low. Here is when the anchors took to speaking to the crowd – “Make some noise, Guys, Make some noise!”

Bohemians (a section from 2nd year MBA) bagged the first prize in the event on the whole followed by Phaerenikes (a first year section). The event was organized by the Fiesta club of IMNU which tags itself as the most happening club of IMNU dealing with the talent at the B-school.

Content courtesy: Priyanka Singhvi

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