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Perspective 2012 gets a kick start

An ultimate battle of brains and mettle, Annual Management Festival of IMNU – PERSPECTIVE 2012 gets a kick start on today, 10th February.

With more than  400 participants from across different B-schools like IIM-A, IIM-I, MICA, IIFT, NITIE, NMIMS, SIBM, KJ Somaiya and others, the event brought together some of the sharpest minds in India.

The ball was set rolling by the creative writing competition organised by the book club of IMNU- Sumantra. Among the entries received from all over India, participants from IIFT, SIBM, NICM, MICA and IMNU were shortlisted for the final round. Amazing creative side of management students was seen in their writing. To test the researcher within, IT club of IMNU – Clique organised “Eureka” which challenged the participants to come up with that eureka moment. They were given data in raw form which they had to crunch and analyse to come up with some insights and present them to the jury. Then was the time for the “Big Fight”, in which the prospective managers of the country debated on important issues. Organised by the Expressions club, the event saw huge participation from the B-School crowd. The last event of the day was Bouleterion, organised by the Human resource club of IMNU – Imprtinz. A mock Doha summit, it was a gruelling test of the participants’ managerial skills.

Indeed it was an exciting day at IMNU. Students said they are sure to take away some great insights and experiences from here. And also, they are eagerly looking forward to the second day of event on tomorrow, 11th February which will contain events like case study competition, business plan competition, marketing competition, equity research and quizzes.

(Content Courtesy: Sachin Padhya and Mahima Singhal)

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