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Phaerenikes crowned Champions

After a long battle of almost two weeks, Phaerenikes (Sec- B of MBA FT-1) were crowned the undisputed champions in the Nirma Champions League (NCL). Phaerenikes had the highest score among all the teams that participated in the NCL based on the number of sports the team grabbed a medal in. Giving tough competition and in the second spot was the team Zephyrs (Sec-C of MBA FT-1) followed by Knighthawks (Sec-A of MBA FT-1) at the third place. The format of the event was such that the teams had representatives in each sport in NCL and if any spot (1st, 2nd or 3rd) was gained by any team member, it was awarded points accordingly.

Photo courtesy: Hardik Brahmbhatt

Parallel to NCL was the Nirma Champions Exchange, or NCE as we call it, where the 8 teams of NCL were listed and their shares could be traded, like in a stock market. An initiative of the Finance club of IMNU i.e. Finesse, it was indeed very successful.

IMNU celebrated one last day of NCL with the closing ceremony where the winners of individual and group sport events were awarded medals and certificates amidst passionate cheering by the sports aficionados of IMNU.

(Content courtesy: Mahima Singhal)

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