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Manthan-2012 churns out the Nuclear Energy!

Manthan’12 (Model United Nations Assembly), an Intra-University event, was organized by Rotaract Club of Institute of Management, Nirma University (RCIMNU) with an concept to give common platform of intellectual forum discussion to the students from all the institutes of Nirma University. RCIMNU is a service club, subsidiary of Rotary Club of Kankaria, works for the leadership development and social cause.

The theme for the event was ‘Nuclear Energy: A Global Perspective’. The institutes which participated in the final event were Institute of Law, Institute of Management, Institute of Pharmacy and Institute of Science and countries which they represented in the event were United States, Germany, Japan and France respectively. The detailed and enriched discussion on the topic showed up the preparation level of all the teams.

It was a pleasurable and learning experience to have Dr. Amee Yajnik (Central Government Standing Counsel for Gujarat High Court and Eminent Social Worker) and Ms. Rama Moondra (An acclaimed personality in the field of Corporate Training and Business Enhancement) as judges for the event who immensely added value to the theme by putting in their points and suggestions.

During the discussion, team Germany  tried to focus continuously on the renewable resources and fossil fuels whereas team France  was concentrating on their 4th generation nuclear reactors which are safe enough to face any type of natural calamity like faced by team Japan. But team Japan said that they can improve their nuclear reactors only gradually because they cannot phase out all the reactors at once. Team Russia suggested selecting the proper non-seismic zone to be safer for not only for Japan but also for the countries which are sharing the International boundaries with Japan. Team USA talked about the transparency of laws which should be maintained and of a global legislation.

While coming to a consensus, France was ready to collaborate with other countries and lend their helping hands whereas Germany still focused on renewable sources of energy which was opposed by Japan .Russia talked about visit of IAEA team to different nuclear reactor sites and USA again concentrated on global legislation and need to use nuclear energy for scientific purpose. At the end, Honourable judges had Q&A session with the teams to ask clarification from them about certain arguments rose during discussion and also recommended how teams should been touched other few points.

Judges’s final verdict declared Institute of Pharmacy (Japan) as winner team and Institute of Science (France) as runners up.

RCIMNU’s first flagship event wouldn’t be this much successful without the efforts of all Rotaractors and, continuous support from Rtn. Ashish Desai, Rtn. Vipul Shukla, faculty advisor Dr. Sapna Parashar, both the respectable judges, IMNU’s Admin and Management team, faculties and enthusiasm by all the institutes of Nirma University.

(Content courtesy: Karan Bhadra)

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