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IMNUites say ” Shaava Shaava”

It’s been almost 15 days post the New Year celebrations but the students at IMNU are still on a high! IMNU celebrated Lohri and Uttrayan on the 13th and 14th of this month with a huge hoi polloi pouring in. The Lohri celebrations commenced with a religious stint – a bonfire setup. The amplifiers were also ready to do their part. The students well positioned themselves at the ground so as to not miss the fun moments. And as they put it – “The more the merrier”! Everyone gathered there swayed with full energy to the tunes of the bhangra-bollywood songs being played.

Aiming high has always been instilled in the minds of the students at IMNU. A festival namely Uttrayan teaches the same by way of kites which when tackled fly high up in the sky. IMNU celebrated the kite-flying festive with its huge number of students who showed up at the ground enthusiastic about the celebrations. There were arrangements for food & refreshments too. To pen down a few, Reevadi, till (ladoos) and other sweets were made available for the festive celebrations. These celebrations speak of the culture rampant within the occupants of the so called IMNU family.

Cheers to the Cultural Committee at IMNU for putting up such enjoyable celebrations for students making IMNU- a “HOME” away from home.

(Content Courtesy: Priyanka Singhvi)

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