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Nirma Champions League

If there is one thing you wait for at IMNU, it’s the Nirma Champions League (NCL). Too bad it’s happens just for a week every year. But what a week it is!

The much awaited sports mega event is in its full swing this week. The campus is buzzing with activity. Anywhere you see- the cricket ground, the basketball court, the basketball court, the table tennis room or the classroom- you find the geeks and the sports buffs alike, play their days away (We still study our brains off, though at nights). We have matches from 6 in the morning till 1 o’ clock at night, and even with its tight academic schedule, the IMNU crowd is doing a fabulous job of balancing the work and play.

NCL is big at IMNU, it’s a mega-event in its own right. More than 1000 matches with more than 500 participants are played during NCL. And though NCL lasts only a week, the preparations for it start at least a month before. Table tennis, Badminton, Lawn tennis, Relay race… you name it, we have champions in every sport!! And as for the group events, 10 teams comprising of both Full-Time MBA and Family Business courses have been toiling with their eyes set on the coveted NCL trophy. Needless to say, the sports fever has totally taken over IMNU.

To know more, visit the Facebook page of the Sportzzz Comm.

Visit NCL gallery.

(Content courtesy: Mahima Singhal)

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