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Lecture on “Gandhian Economics” by Prof. Manas Chatterjee

In a guest lecture held as a part of lecture series on 16th January, 2012, Prof. Manas Chatterjee taught the lessons of “Peace Economics” to IMNU students by linking Gandhian Policies and Gandhian Philosophies with Economics. Prof. Manas Chatterjee is a professor at State University of New York. He has also worked as a consultant for World Bank and United Nations. The topic of his lecture was “A Critical Review of Theories and Techniques of Peace Economics & Peace Science”.

Prof. Chatterjee shared his idea about “Marketing of Peace” by giving an example of “peace supply chain management” between India and Pakistan. Interesting thing about his theories is, they also have the required quantitative support. For that he cited examples of famous “Prisoners’ dilemma” and other models of Economics. He also talked about the conflict between expenditure of India on defense and education. While concluding his lecture, he made a remark on Management Education in India by saying that U.S. and India have different capitalist setups and hence, both countries need different patterns of teaching management.

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