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Expressions club comes up with another funholic event

As a fascinating and colorful year came to an end, “Expressions” – IMNU’s fun club added another shade to it. Everyone in IMNU has to go to through two years of hostel life and how many of you can imagine the thought of going it alone..?? Wouldnt it be spooky to be holed up in your room all alone with no one to share your thoughts or feelings with,except the walls and windows. In that perspective everyone (atleast most) would accept that a roomie is like a godsend at times including the time they help in taking printouts for WAC submissions, a default member in the gazillions of group projects that we have to do, going out after a tiring week/day etc.

Expressions took this very idea to make an exciting event “Sneak-A-Peek-Roomie” where roomies could showcase their unity and celebrate their friendship. The idea was a success from its very conception but the execution superceded it. They received a massive response even after having to postpone the event the first time. They received a total of 8 teams who went into stage 1.

Stage 1 was a fun round where the participants could sing a song about their roommates, dress alike, make a jingle or a video to show their bond. IMNU’s creativity accompanied this stage and made it titillating to watch. Stage 2 was a pictionary round where pictures and words were shown to the first member and the other had to find it out from the actions of the first member. After this round 4 teams were eliminated based on their performances of Stage 1 and Stage 2.

The teams then proceeded to the final leg of the event into stage 3. This round intended to test the coordination between the roomies and what better way to test that, than to tie together one hand of each member and then ask them to gift wrap a book..!!!

The event ended with all smiles, pictures, joy and yes-a lot of chocolates for all….!!! The results were later declared. RUchika Guwalini and Shubhra Sharma won the first prize.They were closely followed by Aditi Desai and Rishita Sarabhai. A ‘Best Dress’ award was also given to Apoorva Chawla and Ritika Lakhani for a striking similarity in their dresses.

(Content Courtesy: Raj Thilak)

For more details about “Expressions” club click here:

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