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NICOM 2012, Institute of Management, Nirma University (DAY 1)

The 15th Nirma International Conference on Management(NICOM) commenced today. The three day event, focussed on the theme ‘Global Recession to Global Recovery: Opportunity, Challenges and Strategies for Sustainable Growth’, it will attempt to discuss the various opportunities, challenges and the possible strategies, both at macro and micro levels, for transitioning from recession to recovery and achieving sustainable growth.

The conference was inaugurated by Mr. R.S. Sodhi, Managing Director, GCMMF Ltd. (AMUL) and Dr. Dan R. Jones, President, Texas A&M University Commerce, USA. The other dignitaries who also chaired the inaugural dais were Dr. Karsanbhai Patel, Founder of Nirma group, Shri Ambubhai Patel, Vice President, Nirma University and Dr. N. V. Vasani, Director General, Nirma University.

The inaugural speech stressed on how the dairy cooperative sector helped in reducing the adverse impact of economic slowdown. ”Growth in rural areas can offset any problem in urban economy”, said Mr. Sodhi. On account of economic slowdown, the rural population who had migrated to cities went back to villages as the dairy and other sectors offered attractive employment opportunities thereby increasing rural purchasing power and building strong safety mechanisms against recession. “Turn constraints into opportunities through innovation”, he said, as he narrated  Amul’s foray into marketing and supply chain innovations. He also threw light on how liberal FDI in multi brand retail and the consequent corporatisation of food industry would adversely affect the farmers as it has in US and UK.

The speech by Mr. Dan Jones was based on the theme that “Moral failure and moral problems need moral solutions”. He spoke on how the effect of Global recession has been all pervasive despite the technical declaration that it ended in 2009. He emphasised on how our desperation to solve non-technical problems using “technical solutions” and “political solutions” were not working out. He suggested that moral education can help in creating moral people and fundamentally reduce immoral human errors like the ones that led to the 2008 recession.

The Inaugural Ceremony was followed by a Plenary Session by Dr. Harold Langford, Dean College of Business and Entrepreneurship, Texas, A&M Commerce and Ms. Srita Heide, CEO, M/s. Srita Heide Intl. Hanau, Germany. Dr. Harold Langford spoke in length on the Impact of Eurozone on Global Recovery. He talked about how Greece’s inability to pay their debt has caused the stock markets in the EU to crash causing a ripple effect all over the world. He suggested, “Productivity is certainly the key to recovery in Europe”. He also talked about how using a little less technology could help nations and also how being self-dependent on one’s country’s produce is beneficial. Ms. Heide focussed on the topic Cultural Intelligence, referred as CQ in the world today. She first talked how cultural differences lead to arguments and tensions and the importance to interpret patterns and non-verbal indicators to manage differences. Then, she talked through examples how cultural intelligence is important while dealing with issues of power, responsibility and time in varied cultures.

Along with the plenary sessions, there were several track sessions during the day covering a variety of themes such as Accounting, Finance, Capital Market, Insurance & Banking, Human Resource Management and Organizational Behaviour, Global Trade, Agricultural Management, Family Business, Entrepreneurship & Strategies, Economic Development & Environment, Operations, Sector Specific Contemporary Strategies, Corporate Social Responsibility amongst others. More than 100 papers were presented during the five parallel track sessions by academic scholars, practising professionals and management students.

The conference will continue till 7th January and will have sessions by speakers including Dr. P.N. Bhagwati, Chairman, Bhagwati Sphero Cast Ltd., Mr. Manish Advani, Chief Marketing, M/s. Mahindra SSG, Mumbai and Prof. Larry Lemanski, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Texas A&M University-Commerce, USA

(Content Courtesy: Roshni & Raj Tilak)

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