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Richter 10- Day 2

The annual cultural festival Richter-10 of Institute of Management, Nirma University concluded today with an enthralling performance by singer Suraj Jagan. He began his performance with ‘Sadka Kiya’ and as the audience started grooving with him he upped the ante by performing songs including ‘Jaa Chudail’ and ‘Zehreeley’ which made the crowd respond with loud cheers and applauds. He concluded his performance with ‘Give Me Some Sunshine’ and the echo of chorus reverberated the entire IMNU campus.

The flagship event of the fest was Sanidhya 2011, organized by Saral, the social cell of IMNU along with the Prayaas, the social cell of IIM-A and the NGO Samvedna. Around 100 kids participated in this event. The event began on a cultural note where the kids sang together and danced on Bharatnatyam as well as Bollywood songs. This was followed by a crafts workshop on origami where the kids learned to make flowers, chairs and other different things. The event also included fun games where even the organizers turned kids and had a great time.

Along with this, the fest hosted a plethora of other events including ‘Shutterbucks’, a photography competition on the theme Irony with participants from IIM-A, IMI Delhi, IIFT Delhi, K J Somaiya Mumbai amongst others. ‘Hubble’s Cast’, a short movie making competition organized by Chehre, the dramatics club of IMNU saw budding directors and movie aficionados display their talents. Another event that drew massive crowds was ‘Fermi Paradox’, an event in which teams of four donned their thinking caps and worked as a detective agency in solving mysteries and crime scenes. Other events at the fest included ‘Box Office Selling’- a Bollywood themed event, ‘HuntWelly’- the scavenger hunt and ‘Telic Thoughts’ – a mind mapping competition.

(Content courtesy: Safal Jain)

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