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Richter 10- Day 1

Richter 10-The annual Cultural Festival of IMNU kicked off today with colleges from across the country battling it out at the scenic IMNU campus.

The first event, the Singing competition “Meteor Shower”, had the crowd as well as the judges mesmerized with the participants’ renditions matching ‘sur and taal’ with each other. The audience was treated to music from all genres, from the classics of old times to the latest ‘in’ tracks.

The next event, “Fantasm” brought out modern-day Da Vinci’s and Michael Angelo’s in the participants as they put their imagination to use on canvas and on other people’s faces, t-shirts etc. The gaming freaks of the country battled it out for the supremacy in the LAN gaming event “Language of Guns”. The mind mapping skills of the management students across the country were put to test in an event called “Telic Thoughts”. Many new and exciting ideas radiated from a central idea in this event.

One of the most interesting events at Richter 10 “Fermi Paradox” saw participants solving a virtual murder mystery. The participants had to step in the shoes of Crime Scene investigators and bring the criminals to justice. The next event “Asteroids Talk” brought out the future corporate honchos of the country. The participants were given impromptu topics to speak followed by a mock press conference.

As the clock neared 7:00 P.M., the excitement was nearing a frenzy as everyone geared up for the main attraction of the day- The Rock Night. Rock bands like “On Second Thoughts”, “-1 Degree”, “Ecstasy” and “Oxyrock” got the crowd screaming with them, giving them a chance to blow off some steam at the end of a day filled with fun and frolic. One can only wonder what new treasures the next day at Richter 10 will bring.

(Content courtesy: Chintan Dharmani and Saumil Gokhale)

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