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It’s the Rush Hour at IMNU

NiCHE, the Marketing Club of IMNU, organized the spectacularly successful “Rush Hour” on Thursday, November 24, 2011. An event which saw unprecedented marketing efforts and more than 100 participants, “Rush Hour” lived up to its name as the participant teams raced to outsmart each other and win this very competitive event. “Rush Hour” was a modified scavenger hunt which tested the feet and marketing brains the management students.

The event required the participants, who were in teams of three, to solve ten questions step by step, one each to decipher the product they needed to find. This entailed identifying the brand ambassador, solving crosswords etc. to zero-in on the right brand, finding the product, taking a creative picture of the product with the team and then finally producing it to the game administrators. The team could then get the next clue. For at least two hours, the IMNU campus livened up with the students pacing through the campus on afoot and bikes as they raced against time and each other to win the competition.

One of the remarkable features of this event was the marketing efforts that the club made to popularize the event. Be it the catchy video or the invitation cards that were slipped in the students’ rooms at night when everyone was asleep, the marketing club of IMNU did set some marketing benchmarks with “Rush Hour”.

The results of the event are awaited and are expected to be out on Monday.

(Content Courtesy: Mahima Singhal)

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