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GOALZZZ: IMNU declared Champions!!

The third day of GOALZZZ ’11, IMNU’s national B-school football tournament experienced 3 breath-taking matches. The first Semi Final match was between IIM A and SIMSR. IIM A won the match 2-1 to take and grabbed its Finalist position. The first goal of the match came after a long time in the 35th min which was scored by Jonas Langeteig of IIM A. SIMSR came back strongly and scored a goal in the 47th min by Abhilash Nair. Extra time was given and Abdul Rahiman sealed the victory for IIM in the 10th min.
The second Semi Final clash was between IMNU and MICA. Both the teams showed their desperation to reach the finalist title but IMNU took the game from MICA with a wonderful goal scored by Ashok Pemmi of IMNU in the 9th min of first half and won 1-0. Thus IMNU paved its way towards the finals.
For the two best teams of Goalzz – 2011 i.e. IIM A and IMNU, there was amazing support of the spectators and the atmosphere was vibrant and electrifying. Both the teams played with their best players and the proceedings of the match started with the National Anthem. There was a great sigh of relief for IMNU after a tight first half of 15 mins when Nirmal Patel of IMNU hit a lightening goal from 40 yards when a free kick was awarded to IMNU. There was a sudden eruption of joy and high fives among the crowd and amongst the team members. It was a very tight match and IIM A tried to come hard with a few opportunities but IMNU defended them to their best of the potential. Finally a dream of IMNU came true after winning the GOALZZ finals for the first time in 11 years. The crowd rushed into the ground with the winning whistle and was a very fantastic site to watch for any sportsman. There were mixed emotions on the faces of IMNU team and were not able to express their feelings after having their first ever Goalzz winner’s Cup.
Prof. Amarnani were the guest of honor for the presentation. The ceremony was attended by all the members of the top 3 teams of the series and the crowd cheering for all the medalists. It ended with a very motivating word of Amarnani sir.
Courtesy: Karan Bhadra

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