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Pravartan 2011- The HR Conclave, Institute of Management, Nirma University

Human capital refers to the productive capabilities of people. Skills, experience & knowledge have economic value to organizations because they enable it to be productive & adaptive. This is why people constitute the organizations’ Human capital. With the ever changing global economy becoming more and more knowledge based, the importance of acquiring, training and retaining superior human capital is emphasized with every passing day; the objective being the sustenance of the firms in today’s competitive scenario. As the function with primary responsibility for human capital management,HR needs to be involved from the beginning when major organizational change initiatives are being developed.
Scheduled on October 7 and 8, 2011, the theme of Pravartan’11 – the HR Conclave at IMNU is ‘Transforming Organizations through Human Capital’. The two day event will focus on each of the three major elements of Human Capital – Intellectual Capital, Social Capital and Emotional Capital
The prominent speakers that will be a part of the event are Mr Jim Rose,  former Head – HR  for Johnson & Johnson from the United States; Mr Mahesh Iyer, the National Head for Talent Management at FINO Ltd.; Ms.BehrozKamdin, Senior Director with Delloite Haskin & Sells; Mr Abhay Joshi, AGM-HR with TATA Motors; Mr Prem Singh, Senior VP, HR with Piramal Healthcare; Mr MehulPandya, Senior VP with Care Ratings; MrAniruddhaKhekhle, Director – HR with Emerson Process Management; Mr Babu Thomas, Head – HR with EMRI.

(Content Courtesy: Chintan Dharmani)

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