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ALUMNI DAY CELEBRATIONS – Revitalizing the treasured memories at IMNU

An opportunity to coalesce the memorable experiences of the past with the present at a spur of moment is what connects an alumni to the place where once he acquired his learnings and grew to be the one he aspired to, in the past. Yes, IMNU is no exception and it extends the same opportunities to its students who once were such aspirational pillars at IMNU. The talk is about the 2-day alumni day event at IMNU. The event was graced by some 180 alumni turning up for the event at IMNU. The event was organized by the Kaizen Committee of IMNU. Accommodation facilities for the ease of the alumni were taken care of and a huge support from all students and the college as a whole prevailed for the whole event. The alumni interacted with the faculty members and shared the blissful and some gloomy odd moments they witnessed in their walk of life.

There were dance performances, rock band performances and skits to entertain the alumni. Executive dinner was prepared for the alumni at night which was followed by the graceful garba event where everyone including the alumni danced like no one’s watching them! Sports events were organized for them wherein for some events they played cameos as participants while in some other they were enthusiastic spectators. The alumni felt as if they are re-living their golden days at IMNU.

Indeed, it was a rendezvous that added elements of joy and freshness amongst the alumni! Cheers to the IMNU family on the whole.

(Content courtesy: Priyanka Singhvi)

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