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Games and Titles: Another Eventful Week

IMNU had a hectic yet fun-filled week as it saw two exciting events back to back. The HR club “Imprintz” and the “Expressions” club organised successful events, both of which saw great turnout and participation from the IMNU batch.
Imprintz- The HR club of IMNU organized its second event of the season “Funterviews” on 27th September, 2011. Focused on team work and co-ordination among the team members, the event consisted of two rounds- the first about an HR game and a second interview round. The game was about connecting the jumbled letters in a word by the blind folded member of the team who was guided by the other member. Then in the interview round, the participants were interviewed in a team, but there was a catch, the participants had to be humorous and creative in their answers. Out-of-box thinking was mandatory. The candidates were judged on the criteria of humor, creativity and co-ordination in giving answers with the team members. The event saw a good participation and was flawlessly executed. It was judged by the “Imprintz” club seniors and the top spot was claimed Hardik and Hiren of MBA-FT 2011-13.
The other highly anticipated event, War of Clubs and Committees, organized by the Expressions Club, was held on Thursday, September 28, 2011. It also saw an amazing response from the first year students. Participants were extremely sacrosanct about their respective teams and the roar could be heard far away in other classrooms. The event had fun-filled games like picture-based memory test, taboo and movie quiz to the participants’ and audiences’ delight. The audience too cheered their favorite teams throughout. This time NCNC (No Club No Committee) of Phaerenikes walked away as winners whereas Sportzcomm did an encore by standing 1st runners-up. There was audience participation as well through games like boys wearing saree while girls were directing them.
 To sum up, one can say that IMNU arrived, and it arrived big!!

(Content:Ankita Agarwal and Anuj Goenka)

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