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Prayaag 2011 – The Management Conclave, Institute of Management, Nirma University

Ahmedabad- September 1, 2011- With reforms underway to eradicate corruption and governance deficit in the country’s government, it is the perfect time to question the very same in the corporate world too. The Management Conclave – Prayaag 2011- at Institute of Management, Nirma University will throw light on the very same issue.

Inauguration by Mr Rajesh Huddar

The event was inaugurated by the chief guest for the session, Mr Rajesh Huddar, Head –Information Security Practices, Mahindra SSG along with Prof. Dr C. Gopalkrishnan Director, IMNU, and Prof. Ashwini Awasthi.

Mr Huddar spoke on corporate governance from the Risk Management viewpoint. He categorized the risk in an organization as coming from three main spheres, the Physical assets, the Human assets and the Information Technology assets. He also emphasized the increased risk due to the exponential increases in use  of outsourcing social media and technology. He talked about the “Holistic” approach for corporate governance and concluded saying “One needs to set a baseline to get to the next level of governance.”

The next session was taken by Mr Sunil Jhaveri, Chairman – MSJ Capital and Corporate Services Pvt. Ltd. He is a Chartered Accountant with 26 years of experience in the financial markets. He gave the students an insight into how the financial industry functions with respect to Corporate Governance. He used audiovisual media to demonstrate the same. He strongly opined that ‘There are no shortcuts to making money’. Mr.Jhaveri said, ‘Do not treat your customers as mere numbers’, he stressed on the need of good service along with quality products.

The sessions were enriching for the students as they provided a corporate perspective about the topic. The students could link the academic knowledge with the actual practice and hence it broadened their horizons. The interactive sessions helped students clarify the nuances and provided clarity of thought which would be of utmost importance once they enter the corporate world.

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