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The greatest event of the season SLAMDUNK ended with great thrills on the campus. SLAMDUNK successfully concluded on 19th Aug. with PHAERENIKES (MBA FT (I)) emerging as proud winners defeating VIKINGS (MBA FT (II))by 4 points (28-24).
A brief summary of the final match is as follows:

Quarter 1 – Vikings started off well scoring 5 points in the first quarter thanks to KODELA (big match player) scoring 5 points while Phaerenikes scored 1 point.

Quarter 2 – Phaerenikes came back strongly scoring 11 points to Vikings 2 points. Aman rocked with 9 points and Rajveer scored a 2 pointer with a brilliant solo effort.

Quarter 3 – Phaerenikes consolidated on their lead scoring 9 points. Aman continued with his stellar performance scoring 9 points. Akshay and Mihir were outstanding in the defense restricting Vikings to 3 points

Quarter 4 – When all felt that match is almost over with Phaerenikes leading by 11 points (21-10), Vikings came back strongly scoring 14 points by Tushar who scored 12 points but in the end they felt short by just 4 points.

With this PHAERENIKES won the battle acquiring the first major trophy of the season.Both the teams played the game in Great Spirit and even applauded each other at the end of the game. It was the defining moment of this great enthusiastic and energetic tournament.

Medals were also distributed to the finalists by Ajay and Nirmal of Sportzzz Committee.
(Content Courtesy:Shantanu Nilosey)

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