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PRAGAMAN’11, The Entrepreneurship Conclave at Institute of Management, Nirma University: Day 1

The Entrepreneurship Conclave at Institute of Management, Nirma University was inaugurated on Thursday, August 25, 2011 at the hands of Mr. Mahendra Patel, President, GCCI. The event was chaired by Dr. C. Gopalakrishnan, Director, IMNU who delivered a fitting welcome address, emphasizing the need for nurturing, training and pushing today’s entrepreneurs. He also extended credit to the entrepreneurs as a whole, for giving a much needed push to the economy.

Mr. Mahendra Patel, President GCCI

After, the official inaugural of PRAGAMAN’11, Prof. Swarup Datta welcomed the dignitaries and all the guests present. Prof. Datta, explained the theme of the conclave, driving home the significance of Entrepreneurial attitudes towards self and others. Mr. Patel was then invited to address the session and begin the Entrepreneurship conclave.

Mr. Patel’s address to the audience was a study in the don’ts for an entrepreneur, including Lack of Punctuality, Selfishness, Lack of Clarity, Lack of Humility and Lack of Communication. At the end of the session Dr. Bindi Mehta delivered the Vote of Thanks.

The 2nd session for the day was delivered by Mr. S.S. Pillai, Manager Commercialization, NDBI, NID and chaired by Prof. Sari Matilla. Mr. Pillai spoke concisely about the relevance of business incubation and their efforts in the field aimed at promoting local entrepreneurship.

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