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IMNUites go gaga with HARE KRISHNA

On Monday, IMNU saw the fall and rise of rockstars. No wonder it is about the Dahi Handi event celebrated at IMNU on Janmasthmi. The rockstars were none other than the students at IMNU attempting to break the Handi. The students here were eyeballing a day so auspicious in the calendar of IMNU. The first phase of the event took place in the morning at the hostel premises. The place drew over large number of people to pitch in for the fun. A particularly bollywood film affair; the set was at its place. The dhols were set. The amplifiers arranged for the event were ready to accentuate the loud wailings of the crowd. It is said the world is a stage and we all are the actors and the crowd here took this very seriously. The event opened up with each team making an attempt to break the Handi. Some teams managed to hit success in one go while others kept the zest and tried an another effort. Splashes of water and coloured faces with gulaal were all that the crowd could see. The second phase of the event took place in the evening. The crowd snapped again in huge number for the Puja. Everyone was dressed in traditional attires. The crowd chanted bhajans to seek blessings of Lord Krishna. Everyone felt that one should be at such places to soak in the awesomeness of it.
(Content Courtesy: Priyanka Singhvi)

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