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RannBhumi- The Battlefield

You walk into the auditorium. You smile a big smile. As promised, everyone in your class is in the same colour. Flags in hands, they wave at you. You take a seat with them, you jump out of it and then you cheer till you cannot anymore. Spirited, United and Passionate!
Color Coded
You had to see it to believe it.

“RannBhumi- the Quest for the Best” was organised by “NiCHE”-the marketing club of IMNU on August 19, 2011. The flagship event of “NiCHE”, in its second year itself, has made its place among the most awaited events of IMNU. True to its name, the event is a battle between the five sections of the first year MBA (Full-Time and Family Business Course) batch. What is at stake? The RannBhumi trophy. Each class has to brand itself. This includes class name, logo, taglines, song performances, dance performances- anything which the teams feel represents who they are.

Five teams namely Crusaders, Igniterzz, Knighthawks, Phaerenikes, and Zephyrs fought hard for the title and the rotating RannBhumi Trophy. With their feisty presentations, the teams battled to claim the spot at the top as their supporters rocked the auditorium with their adrenaline-fuelled cheering.
Phaerenikes sing their anthem
While the Phaerenikes swept everyone away by their enthralling videos, Zephyrs shook the auditorium with their music. Igniterzz lit the stage by the virtue of their presence and Knighthawks did it with their humorous skit. Finally, the crusaders marched their way to a stunning performance. Each class tried to differentiate itself from the others-from painted faces to flags, from videos to class anthems, the event displayed all facets of creativity in the junior batch. Even as they had fun, in each team were visible the marketers in the making.


Finally, the moment came which every team was waiting for and Zephyrs walked away with the trophy, both in the best t-shirt category and the overall performance.
Zephyrs- Storming their way to the top
The event was judged by Prof. Sanjay Jain and Prof. Ashwini K. Awasthi and was a testimony to the solidarity of the IMNU batch 2011-13.
Igniterzz setting the stage on fire

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  1. Wrongly mentioned.. D skit by Knighthawks had a message and it was not a humorous one.
    Gr8 work by Knighthawks after the preparation of just an hour.! Now that's like a true Knighthawk..!!

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