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How many of us have ever really given a serious thought to what all goes into the making of a movie. How much hard work goes into trying to keep the audience entertained for a couple of hours? To attempt to answer some such questions, Chehre – the Dramatics Club of IMNU organized a Movie making and Distribution Management workshop on Wednesday, the 17th of August 2011. The workshop was conducted by Mr Ritam Bhatnagar, founder and president of the Freeway Film Company.

Mr Bhatnagar adressing the rapt audience

Co-founding the International Film Festival Ahmedabad at the age of 19, Mr Bhatnagar has served as Operations-Head to the country’s first private film festival. Mr Bhatnagar also worked with UTV and Taj Enlighten Film Society on several International projects, including one with Shekar Kapur and Anurag Kashyap and has also been instrumental in organizing Mumbai Film Festival and PVR’s Greatest Film Festival.

The workshop was an eye-opener for anyone who thought movie making was an easy task. Mr Bhatnagar made the audience realize how much work goes into each of the three stages of movie making – Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production. He explained in detail every single task that the process includes and how the complete sequence of events come together for the final product – the movie to be complete.

And the workshop had saved the best part for the last, probably the part that all the management students were most interested in – career opportunities for an MBA in the film industry. Mr Bhatnagar identified Marketing and Distribution as the two fields in the industry that present the best and most exiting career options for a management professional. He described some of the key challenges that the industry faces and how they present an hitherto untapped potential for management students and professionals.

The CHEHRE team with Mr Bhatnagar

The Q&A session at the end of the workshop brought out some great insights and quite a few of the 50 attendee students would be seriously considering the film industry as a prospective career choice to be sure.

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