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The fortnight that was…

It’s been a happening fortnight for IMNU with clubs and committees unleashing a barrage of events adding vibrancy to the campus.

To begin with Niche, the marketing Club organized two events i-MAD the AdWAR and Brand-o-Goonj which were major crowd pullers. The event was truly a clash of the creatives and saw several unique and interesting ‘Big Ideas ’for advertisements emerge from the inventive teams of 2011-2013 batch.

club took t
he initiative to dispel all fears about accountancy for those who are new to the subject. The event Asset=Liability was an interactive session conducted by Chintan Bhandari (FT-I) who is also a Chartered Accountant. In the session the concepts of accountancy were brushed up and all doubts regarding the different case studies were clarified. The objective was to provide a strong foundation so that students can build on in later courses across the spectrum of financial management. The session was truly helpful and instilled confidence in all to face the approaching exams.

As its ice breaking event, Swayam– the entrepreneurship club organized a grand Treasure Hunt competition which saw 22 groups of three members each, putting on their thinking caps and relentlessly spanning the length and breadth of IMNU in search of the elusive treasure. The team of Shantanu, Randeep and Anurag (FT-I) were the first to find their way to the treasure through the maze of tricky clues on entrepreneurship and were declared the winners. The second prize was bagged by the team of Nakul, Punit and Dhrumil (FB-I)

The Cloth Drive organized by Saral was a huge success. Saral members and IMNU folks celebrated the birthday of Kajal, a 7 year old kid from the basti. The basti kids have no idea about their birthdays so Saral started this tradition of celebrating the birthday of one Saral kid along with the birthday of Saral members. Kajal started attending school from last month owing to the concerted efforts of Saral members to encourage the construction workers living in the basti to send their children to school. Special thanks to Manoj Jacob, Rajiv Mehra and Zubin Tilwankar for making it musical and memorable for KAJAL and all those present outside mess to celebrate the occasion.

Imprints-the HR Club went a step further by providing platform for the students to combine their analytical left brain with their artistic and creative right brain in the event ‘Spicture’. Here the teams were shown a picture that is actually a combination of two personalities. The teams had to identify the personalities and then link the two in an entertaining manner through role play, mimicry, poetry or any other means. It was an out-and-out fun event enjoyed by all.

Right now the 2011-2013 batch is gearing up for Jashn, the Talent Night which promises to be a grandiose event with sparkling display of grace, talent and verve. All the best to all juniors!!!

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