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Events Galore at IMNU

Well it has been one awesome fortnight at IMNU with so much action taking place in the campus.
It all began, when Niche, the Marketing Club of IMNU held its first event of the year called ‘Cine-Teasement’on 6th July, 2011, an introductory event to the club for the newly joined 2011-13 batch. ‘Cine-Teasement’ was a fine blend of Cinema and Advertisements. The participants participated in teams of three, where they were supposed to pick a movie and a product at random from a list provided by the club. The bottom line was to create a concept for an entertaining advertisement for the product chosen using the theme of the movie. The event saw around 20 teams participate in the elimination round, from where 7 teams made it into the final round where, Aakash and group were declared the winners of the event.

As the rains splattered the campus; Finesse, the Finance Club of IMNU, conducted a session on “Introduction to careers in Finance and Credit Rating” on 7th July, 2011. The speaker for the event was Mr. Mohit Moradiya, an alumni of IMNU, who is currently working with Credit Analysis & Research Ltd. (CARE). The event saw a total participation of 54 students. In the event, the speaker talked about the various certifications available for finance professionals and also touched upon the basics of Credit Rating, i.e. why is it important from the industry perspective. He also enlightened the attendees on the financial industry’s structure.

After much delay due to the weather, the much awaited ‘Ice Breaking Tournament’ orgainzed by Sportzzz Committee finally began on 13th July, 2011. This year chess was replaced by Table Tennis while Volleyball and Throwball were the usual crowd pullers. The 4 day event stalled all other activities at IMNU as juniors as well as seniors showed up in large numbers for the electrifying matches. Volleyball finals proved to be the most watched match with a turnout of over 150 students as newbies FT-I, Sec B shocked the tournament favourites Vikings in a 3 set thriller. Throwball provided an equally enthralling final as Samurai girls came from one set down to crush the Falcons.FT-I, Sec B set a show down against Vikings once more in the tournament for the Table Tennis final. This time Vikings took the revenge of their Volleyball loss with a scintillating victory over the most promising junior section in sports. Ice Breaking Tournament once again sparked the fire for the yearlong sports mania.

Meanwhile, Chehre, the Dramatics Club conducted ‘The Dumbcharades Championship’ on 13th July 2011. 17 teams in teams of 3 participated in this event, having 3 rounds. In the first round, each team was given two Bollywood movies and they were given a time of 3 minutes to guess both the movies. There was intense competition between the teams which lead to a tie-breaker. After the tie-breaker, 7 teams qualified for the 2nd round. In the 2nd round the teams were given a Hollywood movie and they had to guess it in 2 minutes. 3 teams qualified for the Final round. In the Final round, teams were given a Hollywood movie and a Bollywood movie. Here, one member had to enact the movie to the 2nd member who in turn had to guess the movie and enact it to the third. They were given 4 minutes for the same. The event was a great success and the participants enjoyed it a lot.

While these events were taking place, the Clubs and Committees of IMNU held their Interviews and soon we’ll be seeing fresh faces organizing some exciting events on planet IMNU.

(Content Courtesy: Niche, Finesse, Sportzzz Committee, Chehre and Nikunj Garg)

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