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Back to IMNU Vs Welcome to IMNU

Well as the summer set in, it was time for some hard work for the Batch of ’12; though the place and environment was totally different from IMNU. After slogging their way through the Summer Internships the Batch of ’12 landed on planet IMNU and the lectures for the new ‘Senior Batch’ began from 20th June. The usual cacophony and excitement was in the air as friends met discussing over the time spent in the last three months and pondering over how the new ‘Junior Batch’ would be like.

Well, they didn’t had to wait for long, as the Batch of ’13 filled the campus by 22nd June and the usually heard noise grew larger. Fresh faces with enthusiasm and glitter in their eyes were everywhere to be seen. People walking in large groups together and larger queues in the mess at lunchtime were good enough signs for the carefree, that the ‘Junior Batch’ had arrived. Then, began the usual interaction between the two batches and long chats on Facebook or quick replies on PagalGuy became the starting points of new friendships. The anxious, puzzled and inquizitive juniors met their match in the calm, carefree and helpful seniors.

The interaction has just begun, but there is a feeling that this bond will go stronger by the day as is the tradition at IMNU. Oops I almost forgot..
The Batch of ’13, Welcome to IMNU!

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