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Day 3: Richter10 and Perspective

A grand kavi sammelan marks the end of Richter10 – 2011 and Perspective 2011 which saw plethora of events. Richter10 and Perspective offered a platform for students to present their ideas in front of industry stalwarts and receive constructive feedback and put to practice all the fundas learnt in B-school. It provided a wonderful blend of fun and learning which tested not just the IQs of the participants but their EQs too which is absolutely necessary to survive in this world of cut throat competition.

Navreeti was a Case Study contest with focus on applying IT strategies for business. Based on the initial analysis of the given case, eight teams were shortlisted for the final round where they presented their detailed analysis in front of a panel of eminent judges with years of industry experience. It provided the participants a platform to showcase their investigative skills and knowledge of best business practices in IT to find an innovative solution for a complex problem.

Shutter Bucks was for all the people who love seeing the world with the lens of their camera and always find picture perfect moments and scenes to capture whenever and wherever they go. In this on campus photography contest each participant submitted five photographs on three themes given to them on the spot. The brilliant technique, artistry and originality of the photographs received reflected the creative energy and spirit of the participants.

For all those who have strong opinions and even stronger reasoning skills to prove their point, The Big Fight was the perfect platform to meet the best debaters of various B-Schools and wrestle with them with words. Strong arguments and counter arguments were eloquently presented by the participating teams on the topic “Are the actions of Wikileaks justified?” The top five teams proceeded to the next round which was an intense group discussion on social networking. The teams were judged on the basis of creativity and originality, voice, body language, leadership, group behaviour and listening skills.

The first of its kind event Saanidhya brought together the social cells of IIM-A , MICA and IMNU. The kids for which the social cells Prayaas (IIM-A), Jaagriti (MICA), SARAL (IMNU) and ManavSadhana (NGO at Gandhi Ashram) are working, were invited to IMNU to spend a fun filled day. The kids were given a tour of the college followed by a crafts workshop. Shortly afterwards a talent show was organized in the IMNU Auditorium where the kids unleashed their tireless spirits and gave some breathtaking performances which were indeed a treat to the eyes of the volunteers; music and dance was in the air. Finally sports and fun activities organized in the IMNU back lawns kept the kids entertained. It was a memorable day for the kids and provided them the determination to study hard and find entry to the portals of IMNU and other reputed institutions and prove their mettle.

Treasure Hunt made the participants span the length and breadth of IMNU and every nook and corner of IMNU saw huge footfall of unrelenting participants determined to reach the treasure however complex the path may be.

The highlight of the day was the Hasya Kavi Sammelan by Dr. Kumar Vishwas, Dr. Surendra Sharma and Shri Saral Sampat . They exuded an aura and appeal that totally transcended all age barriers and captivated the audience throughout their performance with their brilliant satires and adorable poetries. The audience went into peals of laughter and gave standing ovation to many of their compositions. The poetries ‘Ek Koi Deewana Kehta Hai’ and ‘Ek pagli Ladki Ke Bin’ by Dr Kumar Vishwas were received with roaring applause. This was the first time that a kavi sammelan was organized in IMNU and it was a delightful evening indeed, the audience captured their golden words in their cell phones and digi-cams to keep those wonderful moments alive for years to come.

Kudos to Cult Comm and all those who were involved in working out the nitty gritties of the various events of Richter10 and Perspective and making it such a big success. !

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