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Day 2 : Perspective

Snapshots of events of the day:

Bouleterion – conceived and organized by the HR Club of IMNU truly tested the intelligence, decision making ability, creativity and team working ability of the participants. The participants were given a platform to propose and present their ideas to formulate a post Kyoko Agreement. The game had a setup similar to the COP16 summit that took place in Cancun, Mexico. Every team was assigned a country and based on some news flashed on the screen about different countries the participants had to defend their respective country’s stance on that particular issue. They had to convince other nations (teams) about the proposals of their interest and these proposals were subsequently voted in the meet. Proposal was deemed passed only when it has majority and “Yes” from all the five veto powers. The teams were evaluated based on the arguments, counter arguments, clarity of thoughts, concerns and feasibility of implementation.

Quizmos-The business quiz hosted by ‘The Daily Grill’ had 42 teams fighting for the trophy of merit. Teams from the top B –schools across the country viz. NITIE, MICA, IMNU, SIBM-P were a part of the battle. The Quiz was hosted by the founders of The Daily Grill, Mahit Vyas, Raghav Rastogi, Harshal Modi and Neha Sharma. The elimination format of the quiz was based on the Cricket world cup 2011.

The Longs and the Shorts was an insightful competition where the participating teams had to pick up any stock which is listed either NSE or BSE with a market capitalization of equal to or more than Rs. 500 crores and create a detailed Equity Research Report containing Clearly Defined BUY or a SELL recommendation on the stock, Price Target, Clearly defined Price Target End Date, Negative Drivers and key downside risks to Price Target, Detailed Company and Industry analysis and the valuation of the stock based on sound assumptions. The participants created comprehensive considering various parameters such as size of the business, its sustainable competitive advantage, profits and profitability, relationship with the employees and marketing prowess of the company among other things. The report was then presented by the participants in front of a panel of eminent judges with expertise in the same domain.

The literary event Sahitya consisted of poetry competition and completing loose end stories. With the first round concluding online, there were a total of ten teams fighting it out for the top spots. The second and final round had three phases, the first one being the online book review, the next phase was a loose end story writing competition with the story of an entrepreneur riding through the streets and seeing something unexpected. The teams came up with spectacular stories which left even the judges surprised. The final phase was a poetry competition with the title “Who Am I”. The poetry session saw some of the most talented participants from various colleges like IMNU Ahmedabad, SIBM Bangalore, SIBM Pune, NITIE Mumbai and EDI Gandhinagar.

Money Messiah, the online stock simulation game organized by Finesse Club in collaboration with Clique Club, concludes today. It provided an opportunity to the participants to get a feel of the volatile and tricky waters of the stock market trading without investing real money. All the teams were provided a fixed sum of 25,00,000, the biggest challenge here was to create a portfolio of investments based on performance, future expectations of the company and periodic news that was flashed during the course of the game. Some participants earned upto 95 Lakhs, the results are awaited with loads of curiosity and enthusiasm.

Prayaas – The Endeavour, the social marketing competition, attempted to raise social consciousness among B school students by offering a platform to the brilliant minds to articulate social marketing strategies for different social causes. In the elimination round the participating teams submitted a report identifying a social problem, frameworks used for investigation, primary and secondary research data along with a self explanatory video of 10 minutes depicting the policy issues. The shortlisted entries from the first round presented their idea to a panel of eminent judges in the second round.

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