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Perspective 2011- the Annual Academic Confluence to kickstart tomorrow

Institute of Management, Nirma University is organizing its annual Academic Confluence ‘Perspective’ on 11-13th Feb. The highlight of this year’s fest will be ‘Bouleterion’, mock Cancun summit that will be on the lines of COP 16 summit. In this, participants in group will represent the views of the participating nations and have discussion and debate over environment related issues. The confluence will also feature for the 1st time a Quiz competition ‘mIMNUrma’ for MBA aspirants from across the country. Other events that will be held include Case study competitions, Virtual Stock Market, Debate and other literary events

The events that will be organized during these 3 days will be Bizzart (Marketing based case study), Bellatus Ultimus (Best Manager Competition), Bouleterion (Mock Cancun summit), Finesse Case Study (Finance based case study), Make The Cut (Movie promotion Competition), Money Messiah (Virtual Stock Market), Navreeti (IT based case study), Prayaas (Social Marketing Competition), Quizmos (Business Quiz), Sahitya (Literary Competition), Srijan (B-Plan Competition), The Big Fight (Debate Competition), mIMNUrma (Quiz Competition for MBA aspirants) and The Longs & The Shorts (Equity Research Competition).

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