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Mr. Rajdeep Sardesai adresses students on ‘Media & Governance’

The students of Institute of Management, Nirma University witnessed an exciting insight into ‘Media and Governance’ from Mr. Rajdeep Sardesai, Editor-in-Chief, IBN18 Network. Mr. Sardesai focused on the changing media forms, the ethical issues and the government’s role associated with it. “The primary job that journalism was expected to do was of a watchdog which has now turned into story telling”. He also suggested as to how ‘journalism’ transformed into ‘media’ over the last decade. “More than 300 news channel are coming up with few of them waiting for licenses and media is becoming larger than life. In short, it can be called McDonaldization of media. Media is becoming clogged”, said Mr. Sardesai.

Mr. Sardesai commented on the 3 C’s on which the media is based on, namely crime, cricket and cinema. But the main concern echoed by him was the missing nature of the 2 C’s which are conscience and creditability. He also spoke about the business models of media which according to him are still in nascent stage in India. He also pointed out that with Facebook and Twitter becoming so powerful, it is also, now a responsibility of the people to help create governance through media. The session concluded with a question answer round where Mr. Sardesai answered some queries of the young students. In all, the session was an exciting and informative way to catch a glimpse of the functioning of media in India.

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