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War between Clubs, Committees and NCNC by Expressions

Planet IMNU is host to many clubs and committees each having its own distinct standing and a distinguished purpose. The members of each of these clubs and committees have been selected after rigorous screening process by seniors to ensure that only the best and most creative brains have the opportunity to be a part of these ‘super brands’. Each of these clubs and committees boasts to be the best but the answer to the question ‘which is the best club/committee of IMNU’ remained elusive even after months of formation of these clubs and committees. So we at Expressions thought that we shall arrange a ‘boxing ring’ and the let these clubs and committees wrestle it out and prove their mettle!!! The ‘War between the Clubs and Committees’ organized by Expressions was held at T4 on Oct 5, 2010. We saw teams from Niche, Finesse, Social Cell, Sports Comm, Media Comm, Rotoract Club, SAC, Place Comm, Entraance Club etc. To give tough competition to them we also saw NCNC (No Club No Committee) determined to prove that ‘No Club No Committee’ does not mean ‘No Creativity No Capacity’!!!

All the rounds were very entertaining and kept the participants on their toes. In the first round ‘Pictionary’, one member from each team had to pictorially depict certain things while the other team members tried to guess the name of the things in the stipulated time. The teams were brimming with energy, the competition was too close and some teams even managed to score ‘ten on ten’ in this round.

The next round ‘Taboo’ was the decisive round as only the top 5 scorers after this round would get a chance to play in the next round and bring home the crown. One member from each team had to explain few words to other team members. But corresponding to each word there were a list of taboo words which cannot be used to describe that particular word. The moment a taboo word is spoken the team would be disqualified from playing further. The pressure to win was full on; as the clock was ticking the teams pushed their grey cells and applied all their creativity and imagination to come out with totally outlandish, hilarious and freakish ways of explaining mundane things in order to avoid the taboo words.

The teams that reached the finals were Sport Comm, Niche, Social Cell, SAC and Place Comm. In the last round each team was shown a still image related to a bollywood movie and the team members had to answer three questions based on the image shown. The penalty for wrong answer went higher and higher as one proceeded to the next question.

After the tough grind SAC team emerged as the winner, closely followed by the Sports Comm. So this year the former winners- Finesse Club passed on the insignia of the ‘best Club/Committee’ to SAC members. The hunt is finally over, hearty congratulations to the SAC members who can now walk flamboyantly with a new feather added to their cap!!! The stage will be set again next year, till then hats off to the winners…

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