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HR Conclave: Pravartan ’10

On October 09, 2010 Institute of Management, Nirma University today its annual HR Conclave, Pravartan ’10 with the theme HRM: ‘Next’ Practices for Partnering Business Models 2015.

The inaugural session was addressed by Mr. M. Muthaiah, Sr. VP (HR), Carborundum Universal Limited, Murugappa Group who emphasized on future leadership development through business leadership programmes, encouraging empowerment and creativity. Mr Muthaiah spoke about the Key Performance Indicators in the corporate environment today being: Balanced score card, turnover comparisons, financial indicators, investments, internal customers and society. He also discussed in detail the future oriented HR Practices and change management process in the organization.

In the next session students were addressed by Mr. Shantanu Dasmahapatra, Vice President- Corporate HR and Manufacturing, Bombay Dyeing & Manufacturing Company Ltd. He discussed in detail the significance of Balanced Scorecard as a tool to translate strategy into action and aligning the activities of the organization to the strategy. With his deep industry experience he gave insights into the steps to create an effective Balanced Scorecard for an organization. He also explicated the objectives, measurement, targets and initiatives for each of the four perspectives to be analyzed for any strategic decision namely Financial, Internal Business Process, Learning & Growth and Customer.

The last session for the day was by Dr. M. K. Iyer, he has more than 30 years of experience in Gujarat Electricity Board in various leadership capacities such as Senior Chief General Manager, Chief Finance Manager, Chief Information Manager etc. He had successfully handled the restructuring of erstwhile Gujarat Electricity Board and implemented the first ever IT Initiative of end to end ERP implementation across all the unbundled seven companies. He spoke in depth about ‘Taking Organization Forward: Playing Transformational Role’. He explained the transformational roles of HR as Change Agent, Employee Champion, Administrative Expert and Strategic Partner. He also listed out the seven tools for transformation as Listening, Story, Encounter, Celebration, Grieving, Visioning and Journaling.

Each session was followed by an open house where students actively asked questions and clarified their doubts. The sessions will surely go a long way in widening the horizons of all students by improving their understanding of the HR roles for future business models that need to stand tough competition and risk prone dynamic environment.

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