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Alumni Day Celebrations

The alumni day organised by IMNU on 1st Oct, 2010 was a great success and a number of participants visited their alma mater to reminisce the memorable moments spent here. It was a colourful gathering where old contacts were revived and old memories remembered and relived. The day was marked by a number of events. The function was inaugurated at the auditorium at 6.30 PM where the gathering was addressed by the Director, Prof. Gopalakrishnan. This was followed by a short speech by Prof. V V Nath.

After the formal inauguration a riotous evening succeeded with many entertainment programmes specially arranged for the alumni members. There was an air of nostalgia and smiles and laughter filled the room as the ‘old buddies’ reminisced their hilarious anecdotes and adventures at planet IMNU. For the faculty members too it was a moment of pride to see the people they mentored holding responsible positions in reputed organisations.

The ‘mazaak masti’ was followed by a panel discussion at 7.30 PM on the topic ’name one thing that you want to do here if you could come back to Nirma’ and ‘one thing about Nirma that you would like to change’. Subsequently they were treated with a sumptuous dinner. The participants frankly shared their corporate experiences with the first year and second year students and elucidated the challenges that will be thrown down to the young managers when they enter the corporate world. They also candidly answered all the questions and clarified all the doubts raised by students on various matters of personal and professional relevance.

Sports activities started at 10 PM and included Basketball, Volleyball, Throw ball (female), Lawn Tennis, Badminton and other games. Next was the Jamming session, the music acted as a tonic that rejuvenated the tired bodies of all those who sweated it out in the games.

The day was not over yet. Once back to Hostel the old ‘Nirmayans’ eagerly visited the rooms which once they had inhabited. Various competitions such as Counter Strike, Table Tennis, Caroms and Chess carried on till late in the night or rather early in the morning . The next day was also an eventful one. After breakfast the cricket and football matches started at 10 AM and went on till lunch. As evening drew closer it was time to bid farewell to all those who had taken time off from their busy schedules to remember the institution that gave them the priceless gifts of life-knowledge, opportunity and above all good memories and good friends…

Thank you all for being a part of this event…

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