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The Fine$$e team kicked into action with their first event of the academic year 2010. Monday being the official Fine$$e day on campus witnessed an informative and informative session namely- ‘Finance Unravelled’.
‘Our common myth is to construe finance and accounting as the same thing,’ was aptly quoted by one of the junior coordinators at the onset of the session, as it has always been the aim of Fine$$e to provide clarity and insights on financial literature and the financial world.
The session provided an insight into the various careers in the discipline of finance. Junior Finesse members conducted the session and explained the job roles of financial analysts, credit managers, portfolio managers, et al.
The perfect end to the session was the interactive quiz giving our audience a chance to win chocolates. The quiz was a lot of fun and the chocolates proved quite an incentive for everyone to try harder at the tough question. All in all, the Fine$$e quiz was the much needed element to make the event a success.
The session was just the right opening session as it helped form a base for all the first year students and helped them understand that financial numbers and jargons are not that tough as they are made out to be. All the students participated keenly in the session, keeping the enthusiasm of our junior coordinators alive to strive to plan out such beneficial sessions in the future.

The legacy of Fine$$e lives on and the junior team with fellow batch mates has just about begun to explore the world of finance.

(Content Courtesy: Tanvi Dhamija)

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