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Montage’10 at IMNU

The new session at IMNU started with a high after the mid-term exams through the exuberating display of performances by the batch of 2012 at “Montage’10 – A Fusion of Arts” on Saturday evening. The event was special in the sense that the first year students both organized & participated in such a large scale event for the first time. The preparation started before the mid-term exams and the huge turnover at auditions caught the organizers, the Cultural committee in frenzy, but they were happily surprised with the zeal and talent of the participants.

The event started on Saturday evening at the auditorium with SaraswatiVandana. This was followed by two high octane group songs featuring a blend of popular Hindi & English music by groups of Bhashith& Keya respectively, a spellbinding performance on Harmonica by AnshulTalokar and a melodious song rendition by Karan. This was followed by a special dance performance by the kids of construction workers working at Nirma University co-ordinated by “Saral”-the Social cell of IMNU. Aniket then made the crowd move to their feet by singing DusBahane. Next up were FB students who gave an enchanting performance on VandeMataram using fluorescent props, the highlight of this performance was the expression through the formation of hands , followed by a medley of duets by a group from Fiesta. “Chehre-The Dramatics Club” performed a musical on the life of a student at IMNU, which was liked by one & all. Abhishek Srivastava& his group performed an “expressionless” dance next, which made the audience roar with laughter, after which RohitAdukia sang a hindi number. The dance group from Fiesta then took the stage by storm with their scintillating moves which was followed up by another superb performance by Joy and group. These were followed by rocking song renditions by Bhashit&Kuldeep, AmritIyer and Manoj Jacob and groovy dance performances by Surabhi&Sugato and Chandrakant’s group. The last event of the evening was a fashion show in which the participants wore formal, traditional & casual attires representing today’s youth and their aspirations.

This first year’s showed that these guys are a talented bunch of people and we can surely expect much more from them in the coming future…….First Year’ guys rocked Montage’10!!!

-(With inputs from Safal Jain)

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