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IMNU ALUMNI ENTRY PROCESS- Made easy and quick!

It has been observed over the past that entry to IMNU Alumni at the Nirma University gate was turning out to be a long process due to the identity verification . In many cases it was resulting in denial of entry to them too. Hence, Kaizen Committee has proposed and successfully implemented following process for the IMNU Alumni entry at the Nirma University main gate considering all the security concerns.

1. A File containing the names of all the MBA-Full Time, MBA-Family Business Students and MBA – Part Time passed out of IMNU is kept at the Main gate.
2. When the alumnus comes at the gate, Security guard should collect following information from him/her:
a. The program he/she attended: MBA – Full Time, Family Business or Part Time
b. Year of Passing out
c. Photo ID: Driver’s license/ PAN card/ Voter’s id card/ Passport/Company id card
3. Based on above information, the security guard will confirm from the file, whether his/her name exist or not.
4. If the name matches with the given identity then alumnus should be issued a gate pass and given entry into the campus.
5. The Gate Pass should be signed by Faculty/Staff/Hostel Warden as acknowledgement.
6. Alumni should be allowed entry up to 08:00 pm.

The outcome of this process is (while still firmly establishing the person’s identity):
1. Reduced processing time
2. Lesser load on internal people to establish the identity of visitor
3. Lesser layers of approval for allowing entry
4. Lesser waiting time for visiting alumni at the main gate

In case any doubt, Please contact any of the following Kaizen committee Members.

Ghazi Sheikh 9913419319
Pradipta Saha 9712307631
Sandeep Kapasi 9638997829
Harsh Mehta 9909894784

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