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The best gift that you can give to anyone

It is rightly said: Your blood is replaceable….a life is not!!

Donation of blood is a gesture of goodwill and care for the fellow human beings. There is no gift more valuable than a Gift of Blood, as it is actually a Gift of Life for the person who receives it.
It was with this intent the ROTARACT Club of IMNU, in association with ‘Indian Red Cross Society’ organised the BLOOD Donation Camp on Thursday, 15th July 2010.

The camp was held under the supervision of a 7 member team from Red Cross comprising of a Doctor and 6 nursing staff. Rotaract volunteers were present at the venue assisting all the student and faculty who visited the camp. Everybody was required to fill a form mentioning their medical history and contact details. Every volunteer was checked for his/her haemoglobin, Blood Pressure, weight and recent medication and deemed fit for Blood donation only after they cleared these criteria’s.

Camp witnessed a lot of enthusiasm from first time as well as regular donors. Each donor was served coffee/tea and glucose biscuits after the donation. A total of 101 volunteers turned out for the camp and 61 units of blood were collected. All the donors were given a Blood donor card. The camp also helped in creating awareness among people who did not match the criteria of correct haemoglobin and BP levels. The Red Cross presented the ROTARACT CLUB of IMNU with 9 Blood coupons at the closing of the camp which can be used for getting 9 blood units.

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