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After having seen sections battle it out in THE SLAM DUNK & THE COPA, xQuiZit Club – The Quizzing Club of IMNU designed a battleground for sections to prove their mettle in the First Ever Inter-Section Quiz Competition “IMNU QUIZ CONTEST – 2009”. The Inter-Section Quiz Competition was designed in two phases : FIRST round of Elimination was conducted on September 26th, wherein one Team was selected from each section through an online Quiz. The following five teams reached the finals to combat for the title.

TITANS: Jinan and Sarang

PIRATES: Mohit and Deepak Jain

STALLIONS: Kartik and Muktak

CZARS: Pratish Nair and Ankit Mittal

BISONS: Rohit Mittal and Abhinav Gupta

FINAL Round was conducted on 5th October, 2009.


The Winning Team of CZARS cruised their way to the top. The brave warriors belonging to CZARS were Pratish Nair and Ankit Mittal.

Team Pirates, headed by Mohit Moradiya and Deepak Jain, throttled their way to the top in the Final Round and emerged as Runners-up for the event.
Kudos to all the winners…and cheers to xQuizit for such a great event.

Note: Quiz Questions of the entire event including the Online and the Offline Quiz has been posted on xQuiZit Blog:

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