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COPA 2009

Its barely been a week into the new term but the buzz is back here at IMNU.After getting the end term marks the “shaken and stirred”(pun inteneded) students have more or less settled down and are ready for a new innings.New term,new subjects….its a start from the scratch again!!!

Meanwhile…one of the premiere football tournaments “COPA” which had been postponed due to rains last month saw the finals being played today…Two of the best football teams of IMNU the CZARS clashed against the PIRATES.
Czars defeated the Stallions to reach the finals.Pirates on the other hand defaeted Phoneix on their road to the finals.The final match was a closely contested one as both the teams held their nerves till full-time without letting the other team score a goal.This led to penalty shootouts wherin the Pirates scored four out of four shots and the Czars could only convert two goals out of the four shots.
Thus PIRATES were crowned the COPA 2009 CHAMPIONS….first time in the history of IMNU the same section,PIRATES have won the first two major sports tournaments of the year SLAMDUNK and COPA….
With this the PIRATES have established themselves as strong contenders for the NIRMA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE(NCL)…they are team to watch out for!!!

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