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Its been quiet a while since COPA and SLAMDUNK began.However the rains here at IMNU have been pouring since the past few days making it impossible to play Football.Basketball though also moving behind schedule had managed to stage the CHAMPIONSHIP FINALS on 31st August.

A breif update on the SLAMDUNK… Stallions defeated Czars and reached the semifinals to clash with the Titans.The Pirates meanwhiloe defeated the Bisons and were the first team to qualify for the inaugural championship finals.The Stallions defeated the Titans and qualified for the finals too.The stage was set for the formidable Stallions to clash against the underdogs Pirates.The best thing about basketball matches has been that all sections come out in full support of their teams along with banners,their very own anthems and flags.This really pumps up the players and playing under the flood lights is awsum!!

So here we were all set for the finals…there had been a lot of bakar on IP on who would be the winner but now it was time to fight it out on the courts.The game started with the Stallions scoring the first points.Throughout the first quarter the ball kept hitting the basket and and the board bit no more points were scored in the remaining of the quarter.Till the end of the first quarter,both teams were level on a scoreline of 2-2
In the second quarter the Pirates got their game together and started playing to their ability and showed why they were in the finals….at the end of this quarter Pirates were leading by 6 points.
The third quarter saw the Stallions bounce back into the game with 2 back to back shots.Another quarter of exciting basketball came to an end with Pirates still leading with a slender two point lead.
The final quarter…herein both the teams put in all their efforts to swing the match in their favour…..after some nail bitting moments..the final whistle was blown and PIRATES emerged as the SLAMDUNK 2009 CHAMPIONS.
Special thanks to the SportsComm for making this event a success!!!

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