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This year’s new addition to IMNU’s sports circuit, Slam Dunk, the basketball tournament has been an unqualified success. The electric atmosphere created every evening at 9 pm by the vibrant crowds and deft play is simply worth a watch. Crowds gather in the basketball court everyday at 9 pm to cheer for their respective class teams. The accompanying ‘team marketing’ concept by Niche, the marketing club of IMNU, adds an extra zing to the crowd’s participation.

The competition begin with an amazing match between the Pirates and the Turbochargers, where the Pirates overpowered the Turbochargers 28-6. The Pirates also went on to defeat the Bisons and enter the finals with a match that was contested closely and ended at 26-27.

The other finalists, The Stallions have had a stupendous run into the finals, overpowering their opponents with little mercy. They won their match against Czars with a score of 32-8 and then went on to rout the titans with a score of 36-10. Cheered on by their boisterous classmates, they have put up an impressive show.

The finals between the Pirates and the Stallions is sure to be an action packed one, given their run up to the finals and the teams. Although the rain gods are playing spoilsports in the past couple of days all IMNU’ites are looking for an exciting match soon.

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