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Last Day Of Management Conclave – Prayaag 09

Prayaag ‘09, the annual Management Conclave of Institute of Management, Nirma University, concluded on the right note giving more insights to the students in understanding recession and combating it. The session was marked by notable speakers from both the government and the industry, who enriched the students with their thoughts in line with the theme of the conclave, ‘Recession Proof Business: Directions for the Future.’

The first session was presided over by Dr. Chandan Chatterjee, Director, The Centre for Entrepreneur Development, Govt. of Gujarat, Ahmedabad. He spoke on the government’s efforts in providing industry one of its main requirements, skill development. He stressed on the importance of entrepreneurial ventures and said “Entrepreneurship is one of the most important parameters for industrial growth.” Smart skills are required for smart business was his clear message.

The next speaker Mr. Sachinder Binder – Sr. Vice President, Kotak Bank, Mumbai, gave a bankers perspective on the real estate industry in India, explaining terms such as Bubble Burst, Colossal Inventory, etc. His address also covered the topic of the Subprime Crisis and its subsequent impact on the world economy. Towards the end he said “There are no entry or exit barriers in real estate industry and nothing stops anyone from becoming a builder” which illustrated the opportunities in the sector.

Covering the critical function of people management, Mrs. Archana Bhatt, Senior Trainer, Counsellor and Functional Incharge, Adani Knowledge Centre, Ahmedabad threw light on Strategic Human Resource Management in post 2008 Global Meltdown. She said”Management challenges cannot be bigger than the ones being faced in this recession.” She posed the question – how long will the present financial scenario last? And offered her views on the same. The closing address of the conclave was delivered by Dr. C.Gopalkrishnan and Prof. Sushil Bahl.

As Prayaag ’09 ended, students went back with a rich treasure of information and perspectives given by distinguished speakers from across the industries.

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