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Expressions Club kicks off its journey

Today the Expressions Club started off with a fun filled and pleasurable session for all in the campus. It was an instant success as it was all fun and no gyaan. And of course the students loved it.

The theme of the 1 hour meet was all fun with a number of contests lined up from “Facial Expressions” to Dumb Charades and what not. And the club being “Expressions” the games were contested with lots more than just enthusiastic participation, and after all it was chocolates that the fighting was for.

The games were closely contested and in the end Team 2 won by a close margin and they had loads of chocolates. And as it was to be expected, the games were accompanied by a lot of cheering, hooting and friendly fights and even had a fake tantrums on the floor.

It was the most well attended meets at IMNU and may be that is because of the fun promised by Expressions. The whole point of Expressions is to allow the students to let loose and to have fun in their own way and fun it was. So I guess its mission accomplished for the Expressions Club. Hoping they have many more Fun-Filled meets lined up.

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