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Monday being the Finance Day in IMNU,Finesse -The Finance Club started off with its first meet.It was a session on the basic jargons and terms used in the financial arena and of which the first years are not very clear about.A platform to clear the popular folklores regarding the stream and providing with the real facts.It was to explain the different facets the subject has to it and to build up the conviction that finance is more than just accounting.

FINE$$E CLUB….The Members

“Finance is the heart of any business”.This was very well quoted by one of the coordinators.
Topics ranging from Mergers & Acquisitions,Equity,Investment Banking to Loans were discussed.

FINANCE..The Serious Take

After the presentation there was an interactive open house in which some very good queries came up.Then there was QUIZ TIME, the most awaited part of any campus meet in which all answered fair enough.Loads of chocolates were distributed.


The meet was carried on by the junior Finesse members after a whole week of research under the guidance of the senior members of the club.

It was a nice effort by FINESSE as always.
Many more useful events to come up from their side.

One thought on “FINE$$E -THE RULES OF THE GAME Leave a comment

  1. Nice to hear about Fine$$e after a very long time!!

    @Anand, Ketan, Nimisha, Parth, Pratish & Smriti: Well done for carrying on the good work and I am sure you have selected an able team to work towards taking Fine$$e to newer heights.

    @Abhishek, Jay, Manali, Oneil, Ravi, Tanvi & Vishal: Best wishes for your tenure as Fine$$e coordinators. Hope to interact with you all sometime in the future may be during PPVs/Alumuni Meets.

    Siddharth Agarwal
    Ex-Coordinator -Fine$$e
    Batch 2007-09

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