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Talent Nite – Rocked!!!

The Talent Night organized today at Institute of Management, Nirma University was a roaring success, filled as it was with great entertainment and exposition of talent of the students. The Talent Night gave a welcome respite to the students from the daily rigor of the MBA programme.

The students too on their part made full use of this opportunity, coming out in full force, both to participate and to cheer. The display of talent from the students of the institute was both entertaining and revealing, and the participants were egged on by the cheering crowds.

The event begin in accordance with the traditions of NIrma University with a Saraswati Vandana. It was followed by breathtaking performances covering the whole spectrum of the performing arts, from an inspiring dance to Vande Mataram to an eclectic Medley Song.

The highlight of the show was a humorous Mime of 8 parts depicting public nuisance and ways to prevent it. It was informative in a fun way. Also well appreciated was the Fashion Show which had students dressed in latest fashions sashaying down the ramp in an almost professional way.

It was the sheer quality and the entertainment quotient of the Talent Night that made it such a huge success. Both the performers and the audience walked away with sweet memories which they will cherish for some time to come.

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